Thursday, September 29, 2016

Xenofera Coming October 8th to Kickstarter

Xenofera is a strategic card game where players must recruit a crew, build cages and then use their crew and cages to capture alien creatures (Xenofera).  The player with the most valuable collection of Xenofera at the end of the game wins. But keeping the creatures you've caught is not easy.  Other players can sabotage your expedition by stealing your cages and creatures or enticing away your crew members.  You may need to battle them to keep what you've worked so hard to obtain.
Xenofera can support from 2 to 5 players with an average play time of 30 to 75 mins, roughly 15 mins per player.

Above are some examples of the wide variety of xenofera you may encounter on your safari across the galaxy. Be sure to watch for our Kickstarter on the 8th of October 2016!
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