Monday, October 10, 2016

Battletech:Warhammer/ Xenofera Kickstarter

 In the suburban outskirts of an industrial city world two merchandised titans go toe to toe, as the battle rages in the distance.  In the foreground the Merc warhammer makes quick work of the lightly armored grasshopper as it desperately weaves between modular domiciles. This was done about a year ago and the medium was digital.

On a different note Xenofera is off to a good start, not even a week and we already have 1/2 our funding. If you would like to check it out here is a link,
To the left you  will witness the hairless sheep in the Undulating Mountains of Prairie, which serve as a refuge from the pursuits of the vicious cownivore. To the right this is a wandering pink faerie   armidillo scouring the vast lava bed wastes on the toxic planet of Barren.
These are just a few of the creatures you may come across and be able to capture for your space zoo in the in the game Xenofera.  Below is a chart of some of the bonus creatures that backers can vote on to include in the Xenofera starter box set. However if we can get the project funded by Thursday, you won't have to vote because they will all be included!  

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