Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Era of Kingdoms Update

 I wanted to do a quick update on the Four Kingdoms now known as Era of Kingdoms.
Things are progressing we are getting a lot of feedback on the game mechanics and I am slowly getting the art done in between jobs. Below are the three most recent cards and I thought it might be cool to included some of the photo reference imagery I used.

 I  bought this expensive Japanese posable horse model, which I broke right away during this shoot.
 For the infantry man this is one of the true type dolls that I own and love. They are 1/6 scale life like figures. They fill in really well when you don’t have time to find a model.

I got to use my remote controlled multi colored led light for this one and hands free digital SLR timer.

For lost artifact this is another true type doll it also makes a good Halloween decoration.