Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gencon 2016 Play Testing

I’ve been slacking on keeping the blog updated, I’ve been getting ready for Gencon partially because of the new card game Xenofera, but mostly because I’ve been sharpening up my X-wing skills.
 Above is a rudimentary creature card, I’ll be posting more art after I get back from gencon

If you are attending Gencon 2016 or around the Indianapolis region this weekend feel free to stop by and join us for a play testing of Xenofera!

Xenofera is a dynamic 2-5-person card game where players compete to see who can collect the most exotic cosmic zoo. Players must recruit an expedition team; acquire the gear needed for a galactic safari, then set out for the wildest hunt in the galaxy.
Xenofera will be going live on Kick Starter at the end of September, more details will be coming soon….. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Warhammer 40k Art

I’ve been pretty bad over the last few years posting projects I’ve been working on, so I’m playing catch up right now. These are some pieces I did for Warhammer 40k Conquest from some of the Tyranid and Necron expansions.
Above Some Necron warriors reanimating after several decades of lying dormant.
Below more Necrons holding off an assault by Chaos Berserkers on a death world.

An Enginseer caught off guard while investigating an anomaly at a forge world.
A Venomthrope overpowers a Imperial Psyker in the ruins of an ancient temple

Below are some progress shots of my current project Xenofera, which is a enterprise I'm am working on with a game designer I met at a recent convention.  I'm currently trying to get the layout of all the cards squared away. Its kind of cool getting to figure out the layout and design for an entire set of cards, I just hope it comes out ok when they are printed, I’m kind of new to this.
This is the official seal for the Royal Society of Xenofera Huntsman, this is going on the card backs.
Next update I will post some of the finished card designs!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Xenofera/ Battletech art

I meant to post these sooner, I got tied up on a rush job for the folks at Batttletech.  I’ve been working on a semi-self initiated project with a game maker I met at recent game convention. The name of the game is Xenofera, and it’s a 2-5 player competitive card game where the goal is to collect the most exotic space animals from all over the galaxy. Above is the cover art for the box.

This is the Jokers Jackal and its just one of the examples of one of the creatures you may encounter. I'm trying to make the art more fun and no so serious as I normally do. I’ll have many more examples of these in the future, as we get closer to the launch date so stay tuned for updates.
Below are some pieces I did for Battletech a while back

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lorgar and Fulgrim

Its been a while since I posted here, I'm still working on the Primarchs series here are the last two additions.
Lorgar, of the Word Bearers
Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperors Children 
I’ll be posting some more art by the end of the week showing some more updates and I want to show off  new art for a personal card game I’m working on that should be going live on KIckstarter, sometime later this year 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Did this in my free time over the last few days, its Lorgar Primarch, of the Word Bearers legion. I hope to get him colored before the end of the Year

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mortarion Sketch

I need to get better at maintaining a blog and whatnot, here is a sketch of Mortarion  I just got finished with. Mortarion is the Primarch of the Death Guard from the 40k universe. This  is pre-heresy, hopefully I'll get it colored shortly.