Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Four Kingdoms


I wanted to show some thumbnails for a new project I am working on called the Four Kingdoms. This will be a game available on Kickstarter coming in early 2018. The premise of the game is kingdom building where you compete against up to four other players to advance your kingdoms military and technological achievements. The game starts out in the era of Middle Ages Europe and as the game progresses you gain victory points for growth of culture, social advancements, and military conquest. As players progress their kingdoms the game culminates in the end of the era and birth of the renaissance. 

The game is similar to Settlers of Catan but does not rely on dice rolling mechanics for resources and expanding their domain. We tried to work in lots of historical significance that let to advancements of western civilization, so it has that aspect too. It also vaguely reminded me of the Warcraft games where you construct building and upgrade them to get better benefits, but without the orks, ogres, and elves.

These are some preliminary sketches that are done for almost all projects I work on just to get an idea of the different visual interpretations of the concept. I try to come up with at least three unique concepts for each idea just to give more options to choose from.
There were four basic visual formats I utilized for this, the top down isometric perspective for the buildings, character portraits, event scenes, and the illuminated manuscript style.

Below are some of the mock-ups for card layout ideas and icons, which is a complete job in itself.   I want to try something very unique for these but its going to take a lot of  precise geometry.

 I will be posting more on this project as it evolves over the coming months.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spartan Covers

These are a little older but they were still fun, these were some cover images I did a while back for Spartan Games for some of their tabletop games.
Above: This is the World of Proteus Prime as the two forces clash on the surface of the planet , fighting for control of the archaic ruins of a long lost race for the game planet fall.
Above: If I remember right in this was for the game Firestorm which involved space battles this one taking place high above the surface of Proteus Prime while the two fleets face off for control of the mystic star gate.
Below: this was for Dystopian Wars: Shadow Hunter a sea based warfare game set in an alternate dystopian world. I really love their models.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vulcan: Istvaan V

Vulcan making his entrance on the 5th planet of the Istvaan system in the opening stages of the infamous drop-site massacre. Leading the charge out of the stormbird Vulcan administers swift judgment to his brothers wayward sons.
This is actually the first of loyalist Primarchs I've done, and it was cool to get to do Vulcan. I felt like he never really got show in best light in the books I've read. For as powerful as he is, he just seemed to get tortured and  die a lot. I hope turned out good, he was done initially as a pencil sketch and colored in Photoshop.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Vulcan: Primarch Of the Salamanders

I’ve been working on a Vulcan commission, this is the preliminary sketch. This one takes place  on istvaan V, at the Dropsite Massacre. I should have the final done later this week, before Spectrum Live.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Doctor Who

 Here are some Dr Who prints I'm working on in the down time. I've had the one of Amy Pond for a while but I though I'd try and make it a series. I also want to make a set of buttons too, I'll have to see if time allows but I would like to have them all done for Planet Comicon at the end of April.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Primarch of 8th Legion

 I got the Night Haunter done, a lot of people at Naka-Kon were very happy, I had no idea he was so popular. I will most likely get the Kahn done next hopefully before Planet Comicon next month. I am exhausted from the convention, I'm going to relax for a bit then get the Xenofera cover done and off to the printers.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Night Haunter WIP

 I wanted to do a quick update showing work in progress for Konrad, it might take a miracle for me to get him done by Thursday, we'll see how it goes.
Top left is the original sketch. Top right is the solid color lay in.
Lower Left I'm trying to establish a balance of value and get an idea of the lights temperature. 
Lower right is where I am right now I'm starting build up and and define the forms.