Sunday, December 24, 2017

Era Of Kingdom Card layouts

 These are the first steps in the process in finalizing the designs for the card front and back layout. This process is much more complicated than any I have done in the past because there are so many different icons and text. The initial idea was to make each card like a small page from an illuminated manuscript but yet make them similar enough so they seemed like a cohesive set.  

This is just the first stage the second addition will be done in indesign where interchangeable parts will be added to the layout to give them all there own unique game characteristics. Hopefully this process should work smoothly as most of the geometry is already laid out from starting the overall design off very simple and doing months of play-testing to get feedback.

Below are the steps to creating the card backs from the initial sketches to the final polished art. I wanted there to be a similarity and a sense of improvement in the quality of the card as you progressed in the game.  

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