Sunday, June 26, 2016

Xenofera/ Battletech art

I meant to post these sooner, I got tied up on a rush job for the folks at Batttletech.  I’ve been working on a semi-self initiated project with a game maker I met at recent game convention. The name of the game is Xenofera, and it’s a 2-5 player competitive card game where the goal is to collect the most exotic space animals from all over the galaxy. Above is the cover art for the box.

This is the Jokers Jackal and its just one of the examples of one of the creatures you may encounter. I'm trying to make the art more fun and no so serious as I normally do. I’ll have many more examples of these in the future, as we get closer to the launch date so stay tuned for updates.
Below are some pieces I did for Battletech a while back

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